When No One Else Believed In Us …

Posted on: May 23, 2012

Guest Blog / Katie Fisher

What a great series this has been! We’ve been looking at the seven things that Jesus said about Himself … Who He is, why He came and what we should do about it. We were so blessed to have Lee Powell and his wife Joi with us this weekend. Lee is the Senior Pastor of Cedar Creek Church in Toledo, Ohio. A few thoughts from my heart about Lee, his wife Joi and the amazing church they lead.

1. When no one else believed in us and the dream God had given us, Cedar Creek did.

2. Cedar Creek showed us what it looks like to love people like God loves them.

3. Lee and the Weother Elders (Hooty and Ed) are there for Chad whenever he needs them for whatever reason. They are the real deal.

4. Joi told me once that in the early days, her role was to fill in the gaps until someone came along who could do it better … then she got out-of-the-way. As a Lead Pastor’s wife, this statement was perhaps the most valuable thing anyone has told me. 

5. The Cedar Creek team lives out generosity. If they can give it to you, they will, no matter how big or how small. They view nothing as theirs … only God’s. 

I truly believe that Rock City would not be where it is at today, were it not for the support and generosity of Cedar Creek Church. We are so blessed to call them friends.

Lee did a great job this weekend teaching Rock City on one of the most challenging I AM statements Jesus made. In John 14:6 Jesus says: “I Am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” 

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for a new feature on the Rock City website where you’ll be able to watch past messages including this great one from Lee!

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