Katie’s Top 10 from Easter 2012

Posted on: April 12, 2012

Guest Blog / Katie Fisher

There are about a hundred moments from this Easter weekend that were amazing. We had record attendance, with 700 people joining us at one of our 3 services and over 60 people making commitments to Get On Their Mark with God! That makes all of the craziness leading up to this weekend worth it.

Here are my Top 10 from Easter 2012:

1. Good Friday Communion and Prayer
On Friday night we joined with some of our Rock City team to thank God for His sacrifice and pray for Sunday. We prayed for every seat, every person that would walk through the doors and every heart that would hear the message of God’s love.

2. Volunteer Rock Stars
One guy walked into our church for the first time this weekend and told a volunteer: “I’ve never seen people more excited to be at church.” That’s an understatement buddy. Our volunteers put their heart, soul, sweat and tears into each weekend. I am so thankful for each and every volunteer who made this weekend so special. Here’s a pic someone snapped of some of our volunteers after the 3rd service after loading up the last trailer. It was hard to get these guys to go home!

3. Easter Bunny Fun
One of the perks of being a Pastor’s Kid is that the Easter Bunny comes to your house a day early! We had so much fun with our girls on Saturday morning. The Easter Bunny brought a few Build-A-Bear gift cards so we spent the afternoon picking out the right outfits for our new friends “Bella” and “Stella.”

4. 3rd Service Jitters
We launched our 3rd Sunday Morning worship experience on Easter Sunday. It kind of felt like launch day all over again. I was sitting in the sound booth thinking: “Oh God, please let people come!” Sure enough, at 12:31 people started streaming in. We met many people who thanked us for offering the 12:30 time. We are excited to see what God is going to do during this new service each week!

5. Sunday Afternoon Wind Down with Family and Friends
After the marathon of a morning, we were able to wind down a bit with our family and friends over some delish City BBQ catering (yes, I have their number on speed dial). We laughed a ton and reflected on all that God had done that morning.

6. Unexpected Sister Time
This may seem silly, but one of the highlights of the weekend for me was an impromptu visit with my sissy Saturday afternoon. We walked around her adorable yard, talked about the flowers and veggies we should plant in a few weeks and even got some sun.

7. Seeing over 60 people stand to their feet and accept Christ
This never gets old. One person who really touched me was brought by a couple who had just gotten on their mark a few months ago. They brought their friend for the first time and when it came time for people to stand to their feet if they wanted to accept Christ, he was one of the first to stand. The couple who had brought him had tears in their eyes and it was a beautiful sight.

8. Because Normal Isn’t Working – Everywhere
Our volunteers all rocked the new Because Normal Isn’t Working Rock City Swag this weekend.

9. Neighbors Inviting Neighbors
I met several families and single people who were invited by neighbors and came for the first time this weekend. I love the heart of our church and I love that Rock City is a place where people can proudly invite their friends.

10. Aftermath
Mondays in our world are always a bit rough. We try not to let them, but the coulda, shoulda, woulda’s always find a way to creep into our day. This Monday, however, they didn’t get far. We got so many encouraging emails from people who had visited Rock City for the first time. Some who had gotten on their mark, others who had been looking for a church for a long time, others who weren’t Christians but felt a connection to Rock City and planned to come back. These helped offset the normal Mondays and help us refocus on why we are here.