Laundry Love

July 14th

Blue Bubble Express Laundry - 9:30am-2pm
SC Wash and Tan - 9:30am-2pm
Super Laundry - 9:30am-2pm

The 8th annual Laundry Love is coming up and we want you to jump in and be a part!

One of the things we love most about Laundry Love is the opportunity it provides our church to serve one of the most basic needs of the people of our city, and partnering with 3 laundromats for the day and doing laundry all day for free is just the beginning! We also provide free food, free haircuts and games for kids so while the families are waiting for us to do their laundry, we have an opportunity to connect with them, hear their story and share God’s love.

You can jump in and volunteer by signing up HERE. Details and times are below.

Saturday, July 14th: 9:30am-2pm

1. Super Laundry (1477 Parsons Ave. Columbus)

2. Blue Bubble Express Laundry (6701 Karl Rd. Columbus)

3. SC Wash and Tan (3090 W. Broad St.)

In addition to helping out at the event, we are also looking for people who are hair stylists to help out with the haircuts and for people who are able to face paint. If that is you, please email