Global Outreach

We go on mission trips because Jesus says: “Go!”

Rock City has always been committed to serving and giving, not only in Columbus, but also in other places around the world. Jesus says in Mark 16:15-16, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.”

We invite you to be a part of what God is doing through Rock City around the world by joining one of our short-term missions teams.


San Salvador, El Salvador

In San Salvador, our work is focused in 2 locations: Guayabo and Soyapango. Rock City works alongside the local church, Great Commission Latin America (GCLA), to share the good news of Christ. Guayabo is a community overlooking this vast city where the local church has been doing outreach since 2010.  The average income of the families living here is $100 per month and a majority of these families have no running water, which contributes to multiple medical issues. Knowing this, Rock City helped build a Children’s Development Center which also houses a medical and dental clinic.  This Center ministers to more than 170 children.

Soyapango is the third most populated area in the country. With the support of Rock City in 2015, a Children’s Development Center was built expanding the reach of the local church in this area.  Over 70 children from the community come before-and-after school for a meal, Bible lesson, help with their homework and spiritual care.

Through our partnership with GCLA, Rock City is able to serve the needs of hundreds and have seen these poverty-stricken communities transformed with the Gospel. As short-term missionaries, teams will be assisting the church and these Development Centers with their ongoing outreach efforts. This includes teaching Bible lessons to the kids, visiting families in their homes, helping children learn English, and evangelizing in the community. The medical clinic, which is funded each month by Rock City, also provides an excellent opportunity for those with medical experience to make a unique impact.


“I had every intention of going to El Salvador to tell a bunch of people about Jesus and change their lives. It turns out the people that I had the pleasure of meeting on my trip blessed me immensely more than I could have ever blessed them – their faith is huge, their love is genuine and their joy is contagious. God is undeniably doing incredible work through the Great Commission Church and the Children’s Development Centers. It was a honor to serve alongside the local team and be a witness to it all!”   – Jess, traveled to San Salvador March 2017

La Libertad, El Salvador

La Libertad is a port on the Pacific Coast of El Salvador. Despite poverty, gangs and other circumstances, the GCLA church has become one of the most cohesive and love-driven churches in the area. In 2010, the GCLA church began its own Children’s Development Center (CDC), meeting the physical and spiritual needs of many children. Rock City faithfully followed God’s call in 2016 and committed to investing in this CDC, which currently provides care for more than 60 children. The CDC has a sewing and carpentry program for the teenagers, which helps them make money to save for college. The need for beds in this community allows missionaries to put their hands to work, alongside these teenagers, to build and provide beds for children to sleep on.

As short-term missionaries, there are many opportunities to serve God and the local church. These include teaching Bible lessons to the children, building and delivering beds for families in need, visiting the local orphanage, and evangelizing in high schools.


“It’s so hard to come up with the perfect words to describe La Libertad. It was the first mission trip that I’ve ever gone on where I immediately felt at home. The people there are so full of life and hope and their faithfulness to the Lord is overwhelming. What broke my heart the most was their lack of access to health care. That something as little as a stye, can turn into a massive eye infection and partial blindness. We take so much for granted in the United States and these people in La Libertad have so little yet their hearts are so full. I went to La Libertad to bless others but what I didn’t expect was how immensely they would bless me. I am returning next year and I imagine that for the rest of my life I will continue to visit my home away from home.”    – Shelby, traveled to La Libertad March 2017

Choluteca, Honduras

Choluteca is the first place a Rock City mission team ever traveled to and teams have been serving there every year since 2011. Choluteca is mainly known as an agricultural hub and health conditions are among the worst in the Western Hemisphere.

In partnership with GCLA, we serve alongside this thriving ministry that is making an eternal impact in the lives of this entire city. Teams that travel here stay in a mission house in a community called Casa Hogar Vida. In this community, there is an orphanage close to the mission house, which truly provides a loving home for 13 children. The Children’s Development Center (CDC) is located in the middle of a neighborhood called Limon, where the poverty here forces families to live in deplorable conditions and substandard housing. In the pursuit of meeting the needs in the area, Rock City provided two tilapia farms to improve nutrition and health needs at the CDC.  A third area where teams are able to make an impact is a small village called Las Brisas.  Many families are living in houses with dirt floors, no running water, and limited shelter.

As short-term missionaries, there are many opportunities to serve God and the local church. These include building a house for a family, investing in the lives of the children at the orphanage, and door-to-door evangelism.


“I had the honor of serving the under-served people of Choluteca, Honduras alongside an incredible and gifted team of missionaries. Our trip could not have been more blessed. Hope was delivered to the hopeless, healing to the sick, restoration to the broken, and fear and suffering were overcome by love and joy. I witnessed broken families living under guilt and oppression who were introduced to the grace and freedom found in Christ. A brand new community center and fence was miraculously completed on time for the people of a beautiful yet impoverished village of Las Brisas, who had been forced to have their church gatherings underneath a mango tree in the dirt. As we were building, language and cultural barriers came down and meaningful friendships were made with these people. A 7 year old girl named Luisa-Marisol stole my heart while we were there, and I was able to provide her family with their very first Bible. Miracles occurred everyday on this trip – even on our plane ride home!”    – Jackie, traveled to Choluteca June 2017


In 2014, God began speaking to Pastor Chad about expanding Rock City’s reach in India and the Middle East and our team began praying for a partnership to emerge. Out of those prayers, God connected Rock City with Alpha Ministries, an organization that has been planting churches for more than 50 years in the 10/40 window. Pastor Chad soon traveled to India to train pastors and experience the ministry first-hand. Since then, Rock City has been able to send teams and provide ongoing support to the pastors serving there. In 2015 Rock City gave over 50 motorcycles to pastors, who are reaching the thousands who have never heard the name of Jesus before.

As short-term missionaries there will be the opportunity to serve at an annual leadership conference, where pastors and their families from around the country are attending. This conference allows short-term missionaries to serve them in a mobile medical and dental clinic. This service is vital in providing care for the families, because this may be the only medical and dental care that they receive all year.


“God brought a team together from across the country, including the first ever team from Rock City, to serve rural and unreached people of India in 2015 through medical clinics and children’s Bible school. Medical and dental clinic was held simultaneously with a conference to train Indian pastors. We served more than one thousand patients in the clinic and the experience was a humbling one. The grateful, faithful and hardworking heart of the organization we went with and of the people we served are beyond words and can only be experienced.  Going on a trip like this makes you realize God’s plan is big, intricate and beyond human – what a blessing to be a part!”    – Michelle, traveled to India November 2015


Located in the Middle East, Jordan is filled with archaeology digs, ancient monuments and an abundance of religious artifacts. Some of these artifacts include religious sites like Petra and the baptism site of Jesus in the Jordan River. The people are more than hospitable and treat others like their own. Muslims make up 95% of the country’s population, but Christianity is welcomed.
Churches operate openly but evangelizing to convert someone to Christianity is considered illegal. As beautiful as God made the surrounding lands, people face everyday challenges and hardships. Only 1 in every 3 adults are employed leaving a 67% unemployment rate. Half of the children here fall victim to physical abuse. With the terrain being rough and dry, only 10% of it is usable to farm and water is also scarce here.
The refugee crisis in Jordan has made politics, the economy and resources a challenge. Over a million Syrian refugees have been registered with the UN and half of all refugees from Syria are children. Most of these refugees are not granted work permits. This means that these refugees depend on humanitarian aid from other countries. Jordan is a safe haven for Syrian refugees and as they continue to take in refugees they will need increased support. This is where Rock City comes in. Since the refugee crisis has occurred the cost of education has increased. As many of the families can not support the cost of education Rock City support helps bridge the gap. As short-term missionaries, teams will deliver food and supplies to refugees and serve at youth camps. In addition to providing the resources needed, we will also bring God’s word to those who need it most and those who haven’t yet met Jesus.