Love Your Neighbor

Ways to love your neighbor during this time

Join the Social App, ‘Nextdoor’

Nextdoor is a social networking app used to give people a way to better support one another and help coordinate aid between those in need. Add yourself to the map, detail the errands you can run or other sort of assistance you can provide – like offering a daily check-in phone call, delivering groceries or picking up prescriptions.

Check on the Elderly

Reach out to people who are elderly, in your family and/or your neighborhood, and may need assistance getting medication, food, household supplies, or are just in need of prayer and encouragement. 


Kids & Seniors

Many seniors are being confined to their rooms in nursing homes. Get your kids involved in making cards and putting together activity bags to encourage residents during this time. (If possible ask for names of the residents during this time to make it personal.)


Be a Free Courier Service 

Let your neighbors know when you are running to the store and offer to pick up groceries, medications, or any other needs.


Prayer Walk

Getting outside is a great idea. Go for a walk and spend time in prayer. Want to get the kids involved? Let them paint rocks with kind words or bring chalk to leave along the path. 


Get on the phone

Check in on seniors, single moms, students, and anyone who may need a listening ear. Just give them a ring.


Donate Blood 

A great way to make a difference is by donating blood to the local blood bank. The Red Cross and others have expressed that this a great need currently.


Encourage Medical Staff

Reach out to the employees in the medical field. Many are working around the clock caring for patients and responding to needs. Consider sending care packages and notes to thank them and let them know you’re praying for them.


Offer Child Care to Medical professionals

With childcare and schools closed, offer pop-up child care for children of first responders.


Students Spread Love

Ask students, who are currently out of school, to leave positive messages in sidewalk chalk in their neighborhood. 


Support local restaurants by ordering takeout

Pick up a meal to bless your neighbor while you’re at it!


Support the homeless

Prep snack packs and hygiene boxes for the community.


Go for a drive with a purpose 

Drive through neighborhoods of family and friends and stop to pray for them. Maybe even map out some of the local hospitals, drive around and take time to pray for all the workers.