At the age of twenty, Chad and Katie Fisher were given a book that would radically change the way they viewed church and the mission of the church. The Church That Never Sleeps, written by Matthew Barnett chronicled the beginnings of a ministry in Los Angeles called The Dream Center. Tucked in their hearts, the Fishers would spend the next decade pursuing their dream of being part of a church that was radically committed to taking the message of Christ beyond its walls.

Several years after launching Rock City Church in Columbus, Ohio, Chad met a man who had been pastoring in Columbus for over thirty years and leading an inner-city ministry focused on serving the downtrodden, disadvantaged and disregarded. During their first meeting in a sandwich shop in the Short North, a remarkable friendship was born between Chad and Pastor Steve Campbell and over the next year the two began dreaming together. “What would the next thirty years of ministry look like? As much as God has blessed the ministry of The Better Way, what would it look like to believe God for ‘immeasurably more?’ How can we, together, serve more, give more, and reach more than ever before?”

As they continued to share and pray and dream together, it became incredibly clear; God was birthing something new and in a defining conversation, Pastor Chad asked: “Have you ever heard of a Dream Center? What would you think about starting a Dream Center here in Columbus?”

What Chad could not have known was how Steve and his wife, Wanda were both a part of the founding of the original LA Dream Center, and that, for years, they had carried that vision in their hearts.

Over the next year, The Better Way began an organizational transformation and Rock City provided a $1.5 million dollar renovation to the building allowing the The Columbus Dream Center to officially open its doors in the Fall of 2015 to both continue the legacy that is its foundation and expand its outreach by creating new ministry opportunities and increasing volunteer capacity.

As a key partner and provider to The Columbus Dream Center, Rock City is able to extend its reach and impact in the city. As we look ahead to the future, we invite you to dream with us and be a part of this “only God” story by volunteering at the Dream Center or by giving a financial gift to Rock City which will, in turn, help us continue to reach and serve our city.