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We Think [It’s] a Really Big Deal

The Book of Habakkuk

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One-on-One with Dr. Andy Yarborough

Running with Horses

The Greatest of All Time

It’s NOT That Complicated

Fresh Start

Best of 2020

Welcome To Our World

It’s Time

Judges + Kings

Not That … This!

Friends of the House

Faith Forward

Peace in Place

Miracles and Misses

In this series, we talk about types of MIRACLES we see God perform in scripture – but there are also times where God has positioned us, and placed us, to BE THE MIRACLE. And there’s the big question – when God’s positioned and placed us to be the MIRACLE – will we be the miracle – or will we be the one who MISSES? Will the person who’s been praying for something specific that you have the means to provide – will THEY be the one who MISSES out?

How to Survive the Winter

A series on how to WIN the Battle of the Mind. There is a practical element to living out God's word - especially when it comes to winning the battles of the mind: stress and worry, anxiety, depression, fear...issues we battle every single day. We will address the POWER of God's Word and the science behind HOW the brain works.


Every Good Thing

This Is Who We Are

You Can’t Handle This


In The Belly Of A Whale

Goliath Must Fall

This Is What We Do

Urban Legends

Rock City Church, Easter 2019

Easter 2019

Can't Stop Won't Stop Rock City Church

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

Love Like You've Never Been Hurt Series at Rock City Church in Columbus, Ohio

Love Like You’ve Never Been Hurt


The Time Is Now

God With Us



You Asked For It

Don’t Count Me Out

The Daniel Dilemma

We’ve all felt the pressures and pains of this world filling in all around us, haven’t we? The Daniel Dilemma looks at how to stand firm and love well in a culture of compromise.

The Book of James

The Book of James is full of practical and challenging insight from James, half-brother of Jesus, that will help every believer grow in their faith and strengthen their walk with Christ.


Easter at Rock City Church

Everything we know about Jesus was brought to us by men and women who saw him after the resurrection, and they were willing to die for him.

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

If ever there’s been a motto for Rock City Church, it’s “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop.” As we prepare to celebrate Year Seven and the incredible faithfulness of God in our first seven years, we are reminded of the importance of perseverance and the power of faith that leads to breakthrough.

Covenant Relationships

Even in this unstable world, some things aren't meant to be broken. Covenant relationships are powerful. Relationships have the power to make life great or to make life miserable. What are covenant relationships, and how can we get the most out of our relationship with God and with others?

Uphill Habits

Most people have uphill hopes but downhill habits. How would this year be different if each of us made the commitment to develop a few new, life-giving, biblically-principled habits?

Pathway to Legacy

The Pathway To Legacy New Year’s Eve message will highlight the four stages of dreaming that when successfully journeyed through will give birth to Kingdom Legacies. Looking at lessons from the life of Joseph the “dreamer” this message will inspire you to dream bigger in the New Year than ever before! As Pastor Chad has exhorted us 2018 will be our Legacy year as we continue to say YES to the dreams that God has given us!


When God speaks, everything changes.

What Time Is It?

One out of every 30 verses in the Bible talks about the return of Christ - often referred to as The End Times. Jesus discussed this topic often and 23 of the 27 books of the New Testament talk about it. So, how can we decipher the season and time we’re in? Are we living in the end times?

The Struggle Is Real

We all face struggles in this life, but God never intended for our struggle to be our story. In this message you will hear how God has designed us to shine, in spite of our struggles.

This is Living

A study of the Book of Galatians.

It Is Written

Have you ever struggled to understand God’s Word? Have you ever wondered why it is that so many people have trusted it and continue to trust it, even after thousands of years? In this series, we’ll learn how the Bible was written and how it’s been preserved over the course of millennia, why it can be trusted as God’s infallible word, and what it looks like to build a life on the foundational truths God’s presents in the Scripture. After just four weeks of study, we promise you – you’ll know His Word more, you’ll love His Word more and you’ll be ready to live His Word more fully!

Running With Giants II

Same great series, new giants! We are diving back into Hebrews 12, surrounding ourselves with men and women of faith who’ve run this race before us and finished strong. How would they encourage us? What can we learn from their stories of faith and how can we finish strong the race set out for us?

Being Rich In What Matters Most

A bigger house, nicer car, better vacations: wanting more isn't always bad, but are we looking for satisfaction in all the wrong places? This series outlines exactly how rich most people are and how God wants us to respond to his blessings. It will put a fresh perspective on what being 'rich' really means and how we can honor God with the richness of our finances, time, and hearts.


No one has ever come close to the influence and impact Jesus made and is still making today. No one has been studied more, talked about more, even ridiculed more than Jesus. And yet, when it comes to answering the question, “Who is Jesus,” you’ll get all sorts of competing thoughts and answers and ideas. In this series, we’ll answer the question, “Who is Jesus,” not based upon what WE think, but based on Jesus in His Own Words. Seven weeks, Seven I AM Statements Jesus made in the book of John, will give you fresh perspective and a deeper understanding of Who Jesus is and how KNOWING HIM changes everything.


There is a place of freedom inside of every one of us. A divine seed, planted by God, calling us toward something greater. Though there are many paths we attempt to take in life, hoping to find it, Jesus offers Himself as, not just the Guide, but the Way, the Truth and the Life. Discover the promise of God for your future and the way to hope and freedom in Christ.

Book Of Philippians

In the midst of chains and in prison, the Apostle Paul writes one of the most encouraging letters in all the Bible. Discover how to live your God-given purpose in the midst of opposition and oppression by doing what Paul did - commanding joy no matter what.

Naeem Fazal

Hear our special guest’s powerful message “God Out Of Context.”  A Pakistani, born and raised in Muslim-Kuwait, Pastor Naeem Fazal’s supernatural encounter with Jesus over 20 years ago, radically changed his life.

Sam Collier

From Here to There

There’s a tension in life between where we are and where we want to be. How to Get From Here to There is a series designed to help you take practical and biblical steps toward fulfilling God’s vision for your life.

Crash The Chatterbox

Learning to hear the voice of God above all others.

Home For Christmas

Welcome Home. Two words that bring out a host of emotions. Some good. Some, not so much. There is, however, something God desires for every heart, for every home - Peace. And He longs to speak those words - Welcome Home - to all those who are seeking peace and hope this Christmas.

This Is That

We tend to criticize and keep our distance from that which we don’t understand. And yet, there are truths in God’s Word that, though often misunderstood, have the power and potential to change our lives forever.

How To Survive a Shipwreck

Life is turbulent. On that we can all agree. Dashed dreams. Broken relationships. Wounds from the past. An ever-changing and divisive cultural and political landscape. There are so many ways life can send us crashing against the rocks. Sometimes life can feel like one, big, giant, endless shipwreck. And when it comes to shipwrecks, it’s really not a matter of if, but when. We all face shipwrecks in life. And when we do, the only question worth asking is, “How do we survive a shipwreck?"
This series was inspired by Johnathan Martin's book of the same title.

For The One

We’ve been called by God to make a difference. We’ve been called by God to dream big dreams, to pursue impossible ideas, and to believe that the God of Immeasurably More is ready and willing to respond to the daring faith of His people. Join us for this powerful series beginning this Sunday, August 28 as we focus on where we are going and what God's Word says about why we are here.

Angel of Light

Who is the devil? Is Satan a symbol of evil or something more? What does the bible say about the devil and his schemes? And what defense do we have for if and when the devil attacks? In this series we’ll answer these questions and more. What does Jesus have to say about our adversary? What does the Bible really say about evil and how to overcome it? I think you’ll be surprised at just how much of the Scripture is devoted to this topic.

America The Beautiful, A One-on-One Series

Some say America’s best days are behind her. We say God is still doing great things in and through these United States of America. In this series, we’ll be challenged and inspired by three stories of faith, family and courage.

Dangerous Prayers

There are safe prayers, and then, there are dangerous prayers - prayers that elicit a response from God in such a way as to lead us far outside the zone of our own comfort to begin the deep work of transformation by His Spirit in our hearts.

Kill Switch

Social media and technology are changing the way we communicate, the way we interact and engage with the world. It’s changing the way we process ideas and formulate opinions, and it’s changing the way we connect with one another. But is all of this change productive? Can some of this change be damaging? In this series, we’ll discover six biblical virtues that are being left in the wake of this social media revolution, and what God’s Word promises to those who reclaim them.

When God Doesn’t Make Sense

Do you ever feel like the things you see happening around you don't line up with the God you know who loves you? Do you ever feel like God doesn't make sense?

Year Five


Running With Giants

According to Hebrews 12, we’re surrounded by men and women of faith who’ve run this race before us and finished strong. What can we learn from these spiritual giants? And what will it take for us to persevere and finish strong the race set out for us?

Breathing Room

Ever feel like you can't catch your breath?

A Thrill of Hope

Ever wonder what those wisemen felt as they looked up and saw the star shining bright? Ever wonder what the shepherds thought as an angelic host interrupted the mundane quietness of their night? This thrill of hope is in the air, and it’s still thrilling even today.

Heart for the House

If our heart is for the house we will stop at nothing, we will give up anything, to welcome home those who are apart from Christ.

What Are You Waiting For?

You know there's more to life than this. The restlessness you feel reminds you of it every day. There's something inside of you, stirring in your heart. Will you seize it? Or will you let the lies you've believed about yourself hold you back?


If everyone has influence, why do so few people use it, but instead, waste it or misuse it? In Spheres, we're discovering what influence looks like, where it comes from and how to use it to make the greatest difference and impact in the world.

Courageous Leadership

The Book of Daniel

We are living in a culture that is rapidly changing and growing vehemently opposed to the things of God. How is a Christian supposed to live Godly in an ungodly age? The Book of Daniel reads like a manuscript for Christians living in times like these.

A Christian’s Response to a Messy World

What is a Christian's response to a messy world? From Supreme Court decisions to racial tension and violence, to injustices on every level and uncertainty around every corner - what is a right response that both honors Jesus and compels the world to follow Him?

God Never Said That

We love offering little nuggets of advice, support, or sympathy. They come in handy when we want people to feel better. But what if the guidance you’re giving or receiving just isn’t true? What if God Never Said That?

One on One

One on One is back! Beginning Sunday, May 17th, we’re going one on one with one of Ohio States most loved alumni. Two-time all-American, four-time NFL Pro Bowler and in the College Football Hall of Fame, Chris Spielman. Week two we’re sitting down with three-time Coach of the Year, Tom Ryan, who is bringing with him not one, but SIX members of his national championship wrestling team. Then we're going One on One with Mark Pantoni, Director of Player Personnel and Head of Recruiting for Ohio State Football, as we talk about this historic season past and look ahead with Ohio State Linebackers Joshua Perry, Darron Lee and quarterback J.T. Barrett. We’re also saving room for one final mystery guest, one who has sat in this chair before, one who has long captured the heart of the city of Columbus. You won't want to miss this series at Rock City!

We Will Run

First, God puts a dream in your heart impossible for you to accomplish without Him, then, He waits expectantly to see if you dare pursue it.

Let’s Talk About [ ] Part 2

Let’s Talk About Part 2 is a relationship series focused on discovering God’s design and purpose for relationships and women. It’s a continuation of our Let’s Talk About series from last summer which focused on challenging men to be men. And guys, you probably need to pay attention to this series more than anyone, so don’t count yourselves out!


The substance of things hoped for ... the evidence of things not seen. Join us in the new year for Unseen - A powerful Rock City Original Series.

In His House

When we find the place we’re meant to be, we can discover more about ourselves than we thought possible. But the search for purpose sometimes leads to unexpected places. You never know where the journey will take you when it begins In His House.

Heaven and Earth


Winning the battle over worry.

Are We There Yet?

We’ve always been looking for something. That something that sets us apart. That something that makes us more than we’re living as. More into the people we were created to be. Join us for a powerful, brand new Rock City Original Series - Are We There Yet? Now with seven identical worship experiences to choose from across three campuses - there's a Rock City Church near you! Visit rockcitychurch.tv for more information including times and locations!

Four Cups

What if God has had a plan for your life since the very beginning? Not just the beginning of your life, but from the foundations of faith itself? In this series, we're uncovering four promises that God first spoke to His people in the Old Testament, and that are still at the core of His heart. Based on the book: Four Cups by Chris Hodges, you aren't going to want to miss these four weeks of life-changing truths. Beginning Sunday, August 10.

Lets Talk About [___]

Let's Talk About [___] is a Rock City Summer Series about relationships. What does God say about the relationships we most value in life? And what do we need to know or understand about each other in order to build healthy, strong and growing relationships that last?

One on One

We’re taking One on One at Rock City to a whole new level. Four Weeks in June. Four Names. Four Stories. Join us as we go One on One with Rock City’s own Aaron Craft, Bobby Carpenter and OSU Head Wrestling Coach, Tom Ryan. And … we’re closing it out with a mystery guest whose story you will not want to miss.

The Dip

We all go through it. One way or another. Whether by design or by default. We want to avoid it. Nobody wants to go through it. But there are some things God can only speak to us in The Dip. Find out what to do when you're in it, and what's waiting for you on the other side once you go through The Dip.


We all want to be significant. We all want to live a life that matters, that makes a difference. Discover God's plan, purpose and promise for your life, and live a legacy that inspires - a legacy of faith, hope and love.

Because Normal Still Isn’t Working

There's something about the presence of God, the heart of God and the mission of God that just isn't normal. Because Normal Still Isn't Working is a series designed to inspire, encourage and move the church to action. By understanding God's heart, by living in God's presence, and by embracing God's mission - let's never be normal again.

God of the Underdogs

Every person God used to accomplish great things had a justifiable excuse for why he or she couldn't or shouldn't be used by God. Every person. No exceptions. The good news is, God loves the underdog. Discover your story through the pages of Scripture as we uncover the stories of underdogs God used to change the world.

Circle Maker

Praying bold prayers and believing God for big things in 2014. Based on the book by the same name by pastor and author Mark Batterson.

Vintage Christmas

At Christmas, we have the opportunity to find renewed hope and joy in the overwhelming love of a God who is with us. Join us in December for our Vintage Christmas Series as we discover hope and life through the story and through the songs of Christmas.

The Moment is Now

At the heart of every one of us is the relentless desire to be a part of something bigger than ourselves – to know our purpose and to live a life of significance. God gave His life for us, not so we could waste it, but so that we could seize the life He's given and make it count.

Breaking Bad

Whether it's fear or doubt, unforgiveness or unresolved conflict, dead weight relationships or family issues, shame from our past or trouble in our present, we all have chains that weigh us down and keep us from living the life of freedom that Jesus paid for with His own blood. Our chains were broken on the cross. We were meant to live free.


It’s not your career; it’s not your family; it’s not your ability, gift, skill, talent, or money that brings meaning and purpose to your life. It’s the purpose of your life that brings meaning to everything else. Two thousand years ago, right before he left, Jesus gave an urgent call to all who believe, not just to believe, but to become. It's a call to change the world. It's a personal invitation to join God in His unfinished work right where we are. It's a call to purpose - His purpose and ours - a purpose unfinished.

The Big Ten

This summer, we’re going BIG! In our series THE BIG TEN, we’re looking back at ten of the greatest stories ever told. Packed with Drama & Scandal, Heroes & Villains, Showdowns and Life & Death, these stories have stood the test of time and can stand toe to toe against the best Hollywood blockbusters. Discover ten of the greatest stories ever told, and why they still matter today.

One on One with Aaron Craft

On May 12, Pastor Chad Fisher sat down with Ohio's Own, Point Guard, Aaron Craft. During each of our three weekend worship experiences, Pastor Chad and Aaron shared a candid one on one discussion about family, sports, faith and legacy.

You Know You’ve Been Wondering

We all wonder. Maybe you wonder about God. Maybe you wonder why you're here. Maybe you wonder if there's meaning and purpose to your life. Maybe you wonder if you're making a difference, or if you'll ever be a part of something that really matters. Discover the Wonder of God, and how knowing Him makes all the difference.

The Walking Dead

Our culture is fascinated with zombies – with the idea that an outbreak could send the world spinning out of control. But what if there’s already been an outbreak? What if there are already walking dead among us? What if, even the church, is full of The Walking Dead?

Relationship Status: It’s Complicated

Whether you’re married, single, separated, or you can check one of the 8 other options for relationship status on Facebook, it’s complicated. They all are. Go back to the beginning of time to the book of Genesis where the first relationship story unfolds. It was complicated then, and it’s complicated now. Yet, according to Scripture, we were created for relationship. Discover how to make the most of your complicated relationships and how to thrive in the one relationship that matters more than any other.

*Messages and Series of Messages may be influenced by or borrowed from outside resources, including books and outside friends and ministry partners of Rock City Church.