America The Beautiful, A One-on-One Series

July 10, 2016 - July 24, 2016

Some say America’s best days are behind her. We say God is still doing great things in and through these United States of America. In this series, we’ll be challenged and inspired by three stories of faith, family and courage.

Week 3: One on One with Naeem Fazal

Pastor Chad sits down with Naeem Fazal, a Pakistani born Muslim whose supernatural encounter with Jesus changed the entire trajectory of his life. With a story both shocking and inspiring, Naeem is now reaching both Muslims and non-Muslims alike for Jesus and is the Pastor of Mosaic Church in Charlotte, NC.

Week 2: One on One with Kate Therese

Pastor Chad sits down with 23-year old missionary, Kate Therese. Sent from America to some of the most remote and hostile parts of the planet, Kate shares from first-hand experience the power of the Gospel being shared and embraced by Christians on the front lines where persecution is most severe.

Week 1: One on One with Jane Grote Abell

Pastor Chad sits down with founding family member and Chairwoman of Donatos Pizza, Jane Grote Abell. A true American success story, Jane recalls both her humble beginnings in the pizza business, and the biblical values and principles that have been the foundation of her leadership and success.