Angel of Light

July 31, 2016 - August 14, 2016

Who is the devil? Is Satan a symbol of evil or something more? What does the bible say about the devil and his schemes? And what defense do we have for if and when the devil attacks? In this series we’ll answer these questions and more. What does Jesus have to say about our adversary? What does the Bible really say about evil and how to overcome it? I think you’ll be surprised at just how much of the Scripture is devoted to this topic.

Week 4: The Accuser

How can I distinguish between Satan’s accusation and the Holy Spirit’s conviction?

Week 3: The Ruler

When Satan targets the will of man, what is our defense? What does God’s Word say about the sin of pride and what it means to be fully aligned to the will of God?

Week 2: The Destroyer

Job lost everything of value to him in one swift and painful season of life. Just like he hated Job, the enemy hates the potential God's placed inside of you, and he'll do whatever it takes to destroy it.

Week 1: The Deceiver

Eve was the first to be deceived by Satan in the garden. And the same scheme he used against Eve, he’s still using today. Discover the truth of God’s Word and what we’ve been given by God to both detect and defeat his devilish schemes and to rise above deception.