Break Through to a New You

Breaking Free from Unforgiveness

Dr. Andy Yarborough, Pastor Chad Fisher

Pastor Chad and Dr. Andy talk about the power of forgiveness from both a biblical and psychological perspective and what it takes to be free from the heavy weight of unforgiveness.

Will You Run or Will You Wrestle

Ken Costa

Ken Costa shares the story of Jacob in Genesis 32 and how we can learn to break free from who we’ve been while becoming who God has always intended us to be.

Breaking Free from Dead Weight Relationships

Pastor Chad Fisher

Relationships matter, both to God and to us. So, what does it look like to live with intentionality and care when it comes to the relationships we value most?

Breaking Free from Sin

Patrick Crawford

What does the Bible have to say about sin? And what can we do to break free from it?

Breaking Free From Worry + Fear

Pastor Chad Fisher

There will always be reason to worry and to be afraid, but there is more reason to trust God. From 2 Chronicles 20, we learn how to punch fear in the face and turn our worry into worship.

Breaking Free From My Past

Pastor Chad Fisher

Why do we choose to hold on to our past and what does it take to be free? 

The Discipline of Prayer + Fasting

Pastor Chad Fisher

There is no discipline with greater possibility and potential to change your life for good than the spiritual discipline of prayer and fasting.