Circle Maker


Praying bold prayers and believing God for big things in 2014. Based on the book by the same name by pastor and author Mark Batterson.

Week 5: A Greater Hunger and Thirst

Do you desire a greater outpouring of the Holy Spirit in your life? Don't miss this message on the power and the purpose of hunger and thirst.

Week 4: Persistent and Effective Prayer

Using one story from Jesus and one story from the Old Testament, discover 3 benefits of persistent prayer and 4 qualities of effective prayer.

Week 3: What Matters to God When I Pray

It's not just what I pray or how I pray. There are certain things that matter deeply to God when I pray.

Week 2: Praying Circles

The greatest moments in life are the moments when our human insufficiency and God's divine sufficiency intersect, through prayer.

Week 1: The Prodigal's Advantage

In this message, Pastor Jentezen Franklin discusses the power of prayer and the generational effect our prayers have on future generations.