Hope Shines Through

December 2, 2012 - December 24, 2012

What are you hoping for this Christmas? The perfect gift? A little peace and quiet? That your family would all just get along? That just once you could make ends meet? We’re all hoping for something. Join us during the month of December at Rock City Church as we unwrap and celebrate HOPE that shines through every problem, worry and wish.

Week 4: Hope of Life

Discover an aspect of hope that will anchor you through even the most difficult moments of life - our Blessed Hope that is to come.

Week 3: Hope Of Peace

In light of the recent Newtown Tragedy, many are left wondering where true hope and peace can be found. With all of the hopelessness and despair that surrounds us, discover the true meaning of peace and the ultimate Source of Hope.

Week 2: Hope of Mercy

Discover why mercy is our greatest need and how we can each become an extension of Christ's mercy to others.

Week 1: Hope of Salvation

How quickly we forget our story and lose sight of the unwritten stories all around us. Discover the greatest story ever told and what it means for you.