In The Zone

July 29, 2012 - September 9, 2012

I wonder how many times you’ve looked at the church and wondered, “Is this really what Jesus had in mind?” What did Jesus intend the church to look like? What did Jesus intend the church to be? Discover the 5 Purposes of the Church from the book of Acts and let's live out our purpose in a way that changes the world!

Week 6: Engaging The Mission

The purpose for which I'm called is the same purpose for which Jesus came - to reveal God's love to people who are spiritually lost. Because of that, we're either fulfilling that which we've been called to do, or we're failing that which we've been called to do. There is no middle ground when it comes to engaging the mission.

Week 5: Engaging Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth is impossible apart from the inner work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Not only are we called to be filled with the Spirit, we're called to daily walk in step with the Spirit. So what are the evidences that I'm walking in step with the Spirit? What are the evidences of a Spirit-filled, transformed life?

Week 4: Engaging Generosity

The early church was compelling and full of life, and people were astonished at the outpouring of generosity lived out through those first believers. Can you imagine what might happen if the modern American church began to engage and promote generosity in the same way?

Week 3: Engaging Worship

Using one of the oldest stories in the Bible, the story of Job, we're able to see worship in its truest form. It's easy to think about worship as something we do, or as something we participate in, but worship really is so much more than that.

Week 2: Engaging Community

What were the marks of the early church that made them such an engaging and compelling community?

Week 1: And They Were Fascinated

There really should be nothing more fascinating than the church if Jesus is the head and the Holy Spirit is truly at work. Discover what made the early church so fascinating and how the modern church can engage in the purposes Christ gave His life for.