APRIL 20, 2014 - MAY 11, 2014

We all want to be significant. We all want to live a life that matters, that makes a difference. Discover God's plan, purpose and promise for your life, and live a legacy that inspires - a legacy of faith, hope and love.

Week 4: Extraordinary Love

The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love.‚Äč

Week 3: Extraordinary Faith

Real faith follows Jesus and is directed by His Word, not swayed by the ebb and flow of culture, but steadfast and intentional.

Week 2: Extraordinary Hope

There is no set of words that can fully describe or define true lasting Biblical hope but Christ, Who is hope perfectly and personally personified.

Week 1: Extraordinary Life

This Easter Sunday message is guaranteed to inspire you to deeper faith and to living a legacy that begins and ends with Christ.