October 12, 2014 - November 30, 2014

Winning the battle over worry.

Week 8: When God Shows Up In The Middle of Nowhere

Pastor Tim Staier from Elevate Life Church in Jacksonville, Florida shares a powerful story from God’s Word that will give hope to anyone who feels completely overwhelmed in the midst of transition or trouble.

Week 7: The Gratitude Factor

The only way to break the spirit of entitlement is to foster the forgotten virtue of gratefulness.

Week 6: God Cares About My Money

Our affluence is one of the leading causes of stress and worry in our lives. Discover the antidote to financial worry and experience life as Jesus wants for you.

Week 5: The Persecuted Church

In this message, Pastor Chad shares his experience on the front lines with the persecuted church in India, Moldova and Istanbul, Turkey, and how one church in Columbus, Ohio can make a real and lasting difference for the Kingdom of Christ both local and global.

Week 4: Overcoming Unforgiveness

Why is the root of unforgiveness so toxic and deadly? And how can I overcome unforgiveness in my heart?

Week 3: Overcoming Fear and Shame

Discover the hope we have in Christ and put fear and shame in its place.

Week 2: More Than Forgiven

Winning the battle over worry starts with knowing Who God is and understanding my position in the family of God.

Week 1: Turning Worry into Wonder

Does Jesus really connect the amount of worry in my life with the level of faith in my heart? Find out why Jesus commands us not to worry but to believe.