Samson – It’s Time to Man Up

June 24, 2012 - July 15, 2012

It's tough to be a man. That's why this entire series is ABOUT men FOR men. In this four-week series borrowed from LifeChurch.tv, we'll study the life of Samson, the strongest man to ever live, and the emotions and attitudes that eventually caused his demise. It's time for all of us men to man-up. Are you ready?

Week 4: Failing Forward

Why is it that men have such a hard time with failure? What am I supposed to do when I know I've failed? Without a rewind button, all I CAN do is trust that God has a bigger plan and that's He's more than able to use me "in spite" of me. It's just not always as easy as it sounds. This final message from Samson will help

Week 3: Small Steps Toward Big Destruction

Samson didn't throw away his life all at once; He did it one small step at a time. Learn the three small steps Samson took toward big destruction - the same three small steps many of us take every day.

Week 2: Emotions That Take Strong Men Down

What are the two strongest emotions that cause many strong men to fall? Find out as Pastor John Ransom unpacks part 2 of Samson's story.

Week 1: When Strong Men Are Weak

Samson was an incredibly strong man with a dangerously weak will. Really, he's not much different than most of us. What are the three attitudes that make every strong man weak? Find out as we unpack part one of Samson's story and learn the beginning of true spiritual strength.