The Book of Daniel

July 19, 2015-Aug 23, 2015

We are living in a culture that is rapidly changing and growing vehemently opposed to the things of God. How is a Christian supposed to live Godly in an ungodly age? The Book of Daniel reads like a manuscript for Christians living in times like these.

Week 6: Culture’s Greatest End

How will all of this end? What are the signs Jesus gave us to watch for? What are the visions Daniel had of the end of days? And what does it all mean for us here now?

Week 5: Culture’s Greatest Need

Now Daniel so distinguished himself by his exceptional qualities … What were the exceptional qualities that so distinguished Daniel? And what can we learn by studying Daniel 6 and Revelation 4 so that we may emulate those same exceptional qualities?

Week 4: Culture’s Greatest Culprit

Can you read the writing on the wall? Neither could the king, and his life was cut short. Discover the meaning behind the words God uses in Daniel 5 to prophetically warn, not just a king, but every single one of us.

Week 3: Culture’s Greatest Sin

What drove the king to madness more than 2,000 years ago is driving the insanity of the culture of our day. It’s the essential vice; the utmost evil. And it’s in the heart every one of us.

Week 2: Culture’s Greatest Test

The spirit of the antichrist is well at work around us, just as in the days of Daniel. Discover his tactics and how to overcome a spirit of fear with the Spirit of Truth.

Week 1: Culture Shift

The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers (2 Corinthians 4:4). And he is executing a well-crafted plan to sway as many people as possible away from God and into the fast-flowing stream of culture. Here’s how.