The Fruit of the Spirit


Chiayim Burney

What does it truly mean to be people of kindness? This week, Pastor Chiayim walks us through the fruit of kindness and what looks like to show God’s kindness to those around us.


Chad Hampton

As we continue our series on the Fruit of the Spirit, Pastor Chad Hampton talks about what it looks like to walk through the door of patience and how we can use prayer to strengthen our patience.


Becke Medina, Hahn Lau, Independence Newland, Tenesha Session

As we continue our series on the Fruit of the Spirit, four rising communicators on the Rock City team share an eight-minute message on bearing the fruit of peace.


Chris Broussard, Pastor Chad Fisher

This week, Pastor Chad sits down with Chris Broussard to discuss faith, family and Biblical manhood and the joy that comes from following Jesus.


Pastor Chad Fisher

What is a disciple? And what does it look like to look like Jesus? Using Galatians 5 as a guide, Pastor Chad begins this 9-week series with a message on the first characteristic of the fruit of the Spirit, which is love.