Uphill Habits

January 7, 2018 - January 28, 2018

Most people have uphill hopes but downhill habits. How would this year be different if each of us made the commitment to develop a few new, life-giving, biblically-principled habits?

Week 2: Habit #2

One of the greatest uphill battles we face is winning the battle of the mind. What does God’s Word have to say about the power of my thoughts and what Uphill Habits can I begin to develop this year that will allow me to be all that God has called me to be.

Week 1: Habit #1

If there is one biblical principle that runs through and through in all the Scripture, it’s the Principle of the First. What I do first matters to God and therefore it ought to matter to me. Discover the power of first things and the blessing that comes by putting the right things first.