Vintage Christmas

December 2013

At Christmas, we have the opportunity to find renewed hope and joy in the overwhelming love of a God who is with us. Join us in December for our Vintage Christmas Series as we discover hope and life through the story and through the songs of Christmas.

Week 4: O Come, O Come Emmanuel

The promise of Immanuel is that He is with us, He has been with us, and He always will be with us.

Week 3: Away in a Manger

There is a really big difference between calling Jesus "Lord" and fully surrendering to His Lordship. Discover the two levels of surrender and be inspired by the challenging words of Jesus.

Week 2: O Come All Ye Faithful

Who does Jesus call? What does Jesus call us to?

Week 1: O Holy Night

No matter how dark the night, hold on. One brand new day with Jesus changes everything.