What Are You Waiting For?

October 4, 2015 - November 15, 2015

You know there's more to life than this. The restlessness you feel reminds you of it every day. There's something inside of you, stirring in your heart. Will you seize it? Or will you let the lies you've believed about yourself hold you back?

Week 7: The Fear of God - Pastor Todd Marrah

Embracing the wisdom of fearing God leads His people into a deep relationship with a loving God. What does God promise us by fearing Him?

Week 6: Overcoming The Fear of Death

Death is the only one guarantee we're given at birth, and it's one of the most feared aspects of human life. What does the Bible say about it? And is there a reason not to fear death?

Week 5: Overcoming Depression

Depression is now the leading cause of disability in the United States, costing the American Economy more than $55 billion a year in loss productivity due to workplace absence. Gleaning from the life of Elijah in 1 Kings 19, we’ll discover 4 easy steps that lead to depression, and God’s prescription for a downcast and overwhelmed soul.

Week 4: Faith in the Face of Rejection & Disapproval

We’re all affirmation addicts. But how can we turn our ear away from the crowd and learn to live our lives for audience of One?

Week 3: Faith in the Face of Failure & Defeat

Everyone fears failure, but only few will ever overcome it.

Week 2: Faith in the Face of Sickness & Disease

It is not sinful to grieve in the midst of suffering; it’s normal. But how can the Scripture encourage us as we learn to stand in faith in the midst of sickness and disease?

Week 1: The Faith of Fear

More than 300 times in the scriptures we’re told to “fear not.” In this message, we’ll unpack the faith of fear and discover how to both identify it and overcome unnecessary fear in our lives.