You Know You’ve Been Wondering

March 31, 2013 - May 5, 2013

We all wonder. Maybe you wonder about God. Maybe you wonder why you're here. Maybe you wonder if there's meaning and purpose to your life. Maybe you wonder if you're making a difference, or if you'll ever be a part of something that really matters. Discover the Wonder of God, and how knowing Him makes all the difference.

Week 6: God is Good; God is Great.

Most of what we need to know about God, we already know - we just need to remember. God's faithfulness in my past and His promise for my future gives me unshakable hope in my present.

Week 5: God is Father

Whatever our relationship to our earthly fathers, Ephesians 4 tells us that we have "ONE" God and Father to us all. What kind of Father is He? Who is God our Father?

Week 4: God is Here

Faith and trust in the midst of uncertainty are the foundation of my relationship with God. Discover how uncertainty is the breeding ground for spiritual growth.

Week 3: God is Certain

Some of God's greatest work will rise from our darkest moments. Am I willing to trust God and maintain faith in God even when there's absolutely no evidence of His activity in my life?

Week 2: God is Able

Sometimes what I sense and what God says are two different things. Discover 5 Common Faith Killers and how to overcome them.

Week 1: God is Love

Love isn't just something God does; Love is Who God is.