From the beginning, Rock City has been committed to supporting and serving people across the globe.

We are making an impact in the lives of many, providing for the basic needs of people near and far and sharing the message of Jesus in communities throughout the world. And thanks to our many worldwide partnerships, it’s easier than ever to participate in global outreach efforts both domestically and internationally. 

Go On a Mission Trip

Jesus commands us to go! As a church, we offer several short-term mission opportunities for people of all ages, backgrounds and skillsets. 

Sponsor a Child

You can make a difference by ensuring a Ugandan child receives the Christ-based care they need at the development center we helped build in the community of Aketa.

Common Questions

The cost of Rock City mission trips ranges from $1,400 to $3,400 per person, depending on the location. This includes airfare, transportation, lodging, visa fee (if needed), meals, bottled water, medical and travel insurance, and project money.
Teams stay at either a hotel or mission house. Our partners chose the accommodations based on their local knowledge and experience. If the team is staying at a mission house, it is owned and operated by our partners.
You’ll enjoy a mix of both traditional food and familiar food. Some of the food is homemade and other food is provided by restaurants or hotels. If you have food allergies/preferences, please let us know in advance so our partners can be prepared.
Safety is very important to us and our partners. To prevent anything from happening, we ask team members to stay in groups, always be with our partners, and be cautious of what you have that can be seen (i.e, cell phone, money exposed). We have never had any problems in the past, and we trust our partners to care for us and keep us safe throughout the experience.
No. A majority of the tasks performed during these trips can be done by anyone who is willing to do them. There are plentiful opportunities to use the unique gifts that the Holy Spirit has given you.