Elephant in the Room

September 16, 2012 - October 7, 2012

There are questions that make it hard to believe. Questions, like elephants, that seem to stand between me and God. Why is God so hard to find? How can a God Who calls Himself good create a world full of evil and suffering? Why does the God of the Bible appear to be so unloving, ungrateful and vengeful? It's time to address the Elephant in the Room.

Week 4: What About The Many Christians Who Look Nothing Like Your Christ?

What makes it so easy for Christians to become barriers to the Gospel rather than reflections of the heart of Christ? What am I supposed to do when somebody stands in my way, making it hard for me to trust and believe that God is good?

Week 3: Why Does The God Of The Bible Appear To Be Such An Unloving, Intolerant & Vindictive Bully?

Even a casual reading of the Old Testament can leave one wondering how a loving God could order the elimination of nations, the extermination of entire people groups, and send a flood killing everything and everyone but one single family and a few pets. Who is this God?

Week 2: Why Would A God Who Calls Himself Good Create A World Full Of Evil And Suffering?

There is perhaps no elephant larger, standing between more people and God, than this single question. Is God the author of evil and suffering? Is God capable of putting an end to the pain and suffering and evil in our world? If so, why the delay?

Week 1: Why Is God So Hard To Find?

Have you ever wondered why God seems so hard to find? Ever wondered, "Where is God in all of this?" There's a reason He seems hard to find. And the answer may surprise you.