Only God Can

Raise the Dead

Pastor Chad Fisher

When Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead in John 11, He reveals to us His power over sickness and disease and even death and His identity as The Great I AM.

Heal the Man Born Blind

Pastor Chad Fisher

Using the story of Jesus healing the man born blind, Pastor Chad makes the point that this isn’t a story about a blind man “only,” but the story of blind men – of which we all are apart from Jesus – who is the Only One with power to open blind eyes.

Walk on Water

Pastor Chad Fisher

In this message, Pastor Chad uses the 5th miracle sign of Jesus walking on water to teach us that Jesus can turn any storm into a teaching platform.

Feed the 5,000

Chad Hampton

What does the miracle of the feeding of the 5,000 teach us about Jesus and the part that we have an opportunity to play in His working of miracles in our own lives? 

Heal the Man at the Pool

Pastor Chad Fisher

As we continue to walk through the seven miracle signs of Jesus in the book of John, Pastor Chad shares what we can learn about Jesus through the Only God Can Healing of the Man at the Pool.

Heal the Nobleman’s Son

Dr. Todd Marrah

As we continue in our series on the seven miracle signs recorded in the book of John, Pastor Todd Marrah walks us through what we can learn about Jesus through the healing of the Nobleman’s son. 

Turn Water to Wine

Pastor Chad Fisher

Happy Birthday Rock City! Today we look back and celebrate some of the “ONLY GOD CAN” miracles of the last thirteen years, and begin our series of the seven miracle signs recorded in the Gospel of John, beginning with the first, where Jesus turns water to wine.