The Greatest Hits

It’s Time to Decide

Pastor Chad Fisher

Do you ever feel the Lord calling you to something but you’re hesitant to respond to the call? Sometimes you are hesitant out of fear, failure or simply the unknown. Thankfully, God does not expect perfection from you, but He does command us to go all in with our whole heart when it comes to following him. In this week’s Greatest Hit, Pastor Chad challenges us that it’s time to decide, daily, to walk in step with God.

How to Live in Exile

Patrick Crawford

Have you ever felt like you don’t belong? Like your identity should be in more than the things you do from day to day? You can take heart that you are made in the image of your Creator, and you are called to reflect His Image to the world around you. In this week’s Greatest Hit, Pastor Patrick gives tangible steps to look more like Jesus every single day.

In God We Trust

Chiayim Burney

In today’s world it feels safer to fall in line with culture than to stand firm in truth. Being bold in your faith will sometimes cause you to feel like you are standing in the fire. But even in the midst of the fire, we can trust that God will walk us through it or deliver us from it. In this week’s Greatest Hit, Pastor Chiayim encourages us that there isn’t just deliverance from the fire, but freedom found in it.

The Women of Jesus

Pastor Chad Fisher

Have you ever felt that you were ever too far gone to be loved by God? All throughout the Bible we see God love and use broken and lost people for His good works. In this weeks Greatest Hit, Pastor Chad shares how 5 imperfect women in Jesus’ bloodline point to the Gospel before He was ever born.

The Good Samaritan

Pastor Chad Fisher

How many times have you had the opportunity to help someone in need but ignored the calling instead? In Luke 10, Jesus tells the popular story of The Good Samaritan, but we often miss the main point of this parable. In this week’s Greatest Hit, Pastor Chad highlights our similarity to the man in the dirt and encourages us to remember that we are all desperate for Jesus.


Patrick Crawford

How many times have you read your Bible and seen yourself throughout the stories, first? By seeking ourselves first, we may learn about who we should be, but we miss learning about who God is and deepening our relationship with Him. In this week’s Greatest Hit, Pastor Patrick challenges us to seek God first in everything that we do.

The Desperation Of A Father

Dave Stewart

Have you ever found yourself living in utter desperation, looking for something to cling to for a glimmer of hope? In Mark 9 a desperate father shows the internal battle of wanting to believe Jesus, but is wrestling with unbelief. Every person who puts their faith in Jesus will still find themselves in a fight with unbelief from time to time. In this weeks Greatest Hit, Pastor Dave encourages us that pushing through unbelief will lead us into deeper relationship with Jesus.