Wisdom from the Psalms

A Very Present Help

Patrick Crawford

In Psalm 46, we are encouraged to be still and to trust God. So, what does that look like practically? And how can we learn to trust in the Lord as our refuge and strength when the storms of life are raging and the presence of God feels distant?

Why We Pray for Israel

Gerald Murphy

Psalm 122 tells us to “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem,” but how do we do that and why is it so important?

The Right Perspective

Chiayim Burney

What is the right perspective? Pastor Chiayim shares 5 truths from the oldest Psalm written by Moses that teach us how to live and lead with a perspective that both honors God and makes a real and lasting kingdom difference. 

Whose Confidence is in the Lord

Dr. Todd Marrah

What does it mean to have confidence in the Lord? In this message Pastor Todd breaks down Psalm 62.

Blessed is the Man

Patrick Crawford

There are many different ways to live, but only one leads to unshakable joy, deep satisfaction, and lasting impact. In this message, Patrick Crawford walks through Psalm 1 to show us what it means to live a truly blessed life.